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Interview w/ BG Huggins on Operation Marne Thunderbolt

Hugginssheiks I spoke this morning w/ BG Jim Huggins the Maneuver Commander for 3rd ID about the ongoing Operation Marne Thunderbolt. This is part of the larger Phantom Phoenix op that aims to clear the belt of communities around Baghdad where insurgents and al Qaeda had found safe haven. The Rock of the Marne has been continually pushing and killing the bad guys for 9 months now and they are running out of places to hide. The General estimates that in the Arab Jabour area there are only around 5 or so 4 man cells still trying to stay clear of our troops and increasingly the Iraqi forces.

He mentions a name change for the Concerned Local Citizens to the Sons of Iraq, which makes good sense from an Esprit de Corps perspective giving them pride in fighting to secure their own country.

The podcast is here.