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Inside Iraqi Politics

Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal begins a series for The Long War Journal about Iraqi politics and why the issue of political reconciliation is very complicated.  Bill sends this teaser:

Imagine if George Bush's cabinet was comprised of every political party in the US, and then some. How easy would it be to get things done, quickly?

Part one of a four-part series examining Iraqi politics and reconciliation is up at the Long War Journal:


I've conducted more than a dozen interviews with Iraqi and American officials and months of research to explore factors that influence progress beyond the popular narrative of sectarianism...

At the Long War Journal, Bill writes:

...For an extreme example, former high-level Sadrist officials in the Ministry of Health were indicted on charges of diverting government funds to the Mahdi Army and allowing the use of Iraqi hospitals and ambulances in sectarian killings during 2006. A more subtle example is the same ministry’s prioritization of opening medical facilities in Shia neighborhoods during 2007, according to a report by General David Petraus' staff. Officials do not consider those actions sanctioned by the Prime Minister. In addition, the recent withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc from the government reduces some historical pressures on Maliki’s decisions regarding military action in Sadr City, the hiring of Sunni security forces, and the long-term presence of the American military...

Once more, Jim or I will tell you that The Long War Journal is one of the best resources for analysis and intelligence on the War on Terror.  Go read the whole piece.