AP Quotes Opinion as "Military Study" in Lack of MRAPs for Marine Corps
Twweeeetttt!!!! Flag on the Play!!

In the Crosshairs- General Obama on Readiness

Wow! Obama stepped in it last night, the only upside is it may eclipse his wife's crazy talk. He is already well-renowned as a foreign policy lightweight whose strategy seems to be "Everybody play nice because you like me". Now he managed to prove he has taken no interest in the military or it's deployment. Commander in Chief is a vital role and for his entire campaign staff to have missed the glaringly foolish errors in his sad vignette about starving, unarmed troops in Afghanistan. This is offered as the facts behind it and it does have elements of truth, but the story is 4 or 5 years old and the way it was offered still shows far too much ignorance about the military and attempts to make it sound like a current problem.


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