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HELLLOOOO!!! CIA!! Anyone Paying Attention...

ExplosionlMaybe I need to convert, make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and join the Mossad...

Because they evidently know how to "take care" of problems they encounter involving Islamic Extremism and violence committed against their citizens.

And an effective intelligence agency that knows what it's mission is and how to get it done.

A man named Meir Dagan is the head of Mossad and he knows that he has a mission statement; and he is getting it done.

The Israeli security service, Mossad, is thought to have killed six other militants abroad since Meir Dagan became director in August 2002:

December 2002 Ramzi Nahara, Israeli agent who defected to Hezbollah and planned attacks against Israel. Dagan knew him personally. Killed in Lebanon by car bomb

March 2003 Abu Mohammed Al-Masri, Al-Qaeda member building cell to target Israeli border with Lebanon. Killed by car bomb in Lebanon

August 2003 Ali Hussein Saleh, Hezbollah explosives expert. Killed by car bomb in Beirut

July 2004 Ghaleb Awali, Hezbollah official with links to activists in Gaza Strip. Killed by car bomb in Beirut

September 2004 Izz el-Deen al-Sheikh Khalil, Hamas official liaising between headquarters in Syria and members in Gaza and West Bank. Killed by car bomb in Damascus

May 2006 Mahmoud Majzoub, Islamic Jihad official liaising with Hezbollah. Killed by car bomb blast in Lebanon

I like Mr. Dagan's style.  I mean, what kind of sick and twisted individual would give a guy, who is an undisputed and unrepentant terrorist murderer like Mughniyeh the M-18 Claymore mine headrest he so sorely needed?

Hold on, when was the last time anyone has seen Uncle Jimbo?

Seriously though, we need to get our SMUs busy in coordinating and executing these kinds of operations.

Why we can't do what the Mossad is doing I do not know.  I know of no law that prohibits our intelligence services, in coordination with our military special operations, from conducting these kinds of operations.

The best terrorists are the dead, smoking kind.  Thanks Meir Dagan for making our world a little safer.