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Godspeed Nate Hardy and Mike Koch

Chief Petty Officers Nathan H. Hardy and Michael E. Koch.  US Navy Photos.

In the early hours on Monday morning, an American Task Force took down a terrorist compound in Iraq.  In the ensuing fight, two US Navy SEALs were killed by small arms fire while clearing one of the buildings - Chief Petty Officers Nathan H. Hardy and Michael E. Koch.

Nate Hardy, 29, enlisted in the US Navy in 1997 and is survived by his wife - Mindy, 7 month old son - Parker, parents and brother.

Mike Koch, also 29, enlisted in 1998 and had a fiancée, parents, brother and sister.

Both Koch and Hardy families have a tradition of service.  The Kochs are vets and contractors (in Iraq and Afghanistan) and Hardy's grandfather served with John F. Kennedy on PT-109 during WWII.  Mike's brother escorted the bodies of the two SEALs back to the states.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Koch, Hardy and SEAL families.

Below is message from a Soldier serving in Iraq:

Last Sunday while most of America was enjoying the Superbowl several members of our Task Force were commencing an assault on a terrorist stronghold in Iraq. During the assault two of our brothers from the Navy were shot and killed while clearing a building that was occupied by terrorist insurgents. Ultimately, the building was reduced and all of the terrorists in it were destroyed by the assault force. Remember these names, Mike and Nate. They were good men doing honorable work in the name of freedom. The terrorists they sought to destroy were responsible for unspeakable acts of evil including the construction of improvised explosive devices and explosives to equip homicide bombers. For those of you who may not understand the enemy we face out here let me remind you that the previous week this group of terrorists took two innocent and unwitting women who had Downs Syndrome, rigged them with explosive vests and detonated them 20 minutes apart in a crowded market causing several deaths and hundreds of injuries. These terrorists used innocent people as unwitting vehicles to destroy more innocent lives. There is good and there is evil in this world. The enemy we face is evil. Mike and Nate were fighting on the side of good to prevent further acts of evil that would result in the loss of more innocent lives. The next time you pray I ask you to thank God for giving Mike and Nate the talent and skill that made them great warriors and thank God that he gave them the heart to apply those God given talents to destroy evil and further the cause of freedom in a land far from their home. Thank God for men like Mike and Nate. Their work is done here now, but there are many of us who will honor their sacrifice by continuing the fight against evil terrorists. They will be remembered through our actions.

For any of you out there who are doubting the validity of this war and the evil that resides in our enemy I ask you to study your history again. Over the last 20+ years dating back to the bombing of the Marine Corps Barracks in Lebanon, various factions of radical Islamic Terrorists have been committing heinous acts of terrorism against the free world. We are fighting the same enemy here. The brethren of an evil ideology that spawned the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001 claiming almost 3,000 innocent lives. Take time to reflect on the type of evil that would put explosive vests on innocent women with Downs Syndrome and use them to kill and maim other innocent people. While the American media strives everyday to rewrite the history of the most generous nation in the free world and cast disparity over all that we do as a Nation men like Mike and Nate are giving their lives to make sure the real history doesn't repeat itself. While the American media strives daily to erase the memory of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and paint this war as an unjust occupation of a sovereign nation men like Mike and Nate are out here hunting down and destroying the enemies of the very freedom that allows our media to try and discredit us. Terrorism is real, evil is real, this war is real and real men and women are in this fight because righteousness and freedom are worth fighting for.

If you don't support this war I'm calling you out. I've had enough of people sitting in their living rooms watching the lying media and jumping on the bandwagon against this war. Don't ever say to me, "I support the troops, but not the war." You might as well be telling me that I'm committing a crime. You are in effect saying that my cause is unjust and everything I believe in is a lie. I have held my tongue in the past, but I will never allow you to have it both ways again. You cannot support me if you do not support this war. I am this war. It embodies everything that I believe in. If you believe that what we are doing here is wrong then you are in effect supporting the evil we seek destroy. If you believe I'm wrong for trying to stop evil people from taking more innocent lives then I fear there is no hope for you. If you choose to dishonor my service and the sacrifice of my fallen brothers by taking a position against this war you are free to make that choice thanks to guys like Mike and Nate, but don't expect me to sit idly by and bite my tongue while you do it. Do it in my presence and be prepared to try and support your feeble position while I enlighten everyone else on the reality of this war and the nature of the enemy we face. I will ensure that you look like the fool that you are.

The stuff I'm seeing out here you won't see on Oprah Winfrey. I'm seeing really evil people doing really evil things and I'm doing everything in my power to stop them. There's nothing wrong or unjust about that.


_________ the Angry American

Remember Nate and Mike...

Update:  Soldiers Angels is providing a way for you to send a note of sympathy to the Koch and Hardy families.  RichardUSA is coordinating the effort (THANK YOU RICHARD!) and provided this advice in the Comment section.

For anyone wishing to send condolence cards to the families you may send them to me at the following address and I will see that the families receive them. Please note that EVERY card received will be opened and read by me to insure no one sends anything offensive to the families. Please put "Blackfive" in the corner of the envelope so I can mention to the families where the cards are coming from.

The addresses are:

The Family of Chief Petty Officer Nathan H. Hardy
The Family of Chief Petty Officer Michael E. Koch
C/O Patriot Support
716 Centre of New England Blvd. #173
Coventry, RI 02816