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Blackfive.net - "Converting Douchebags Into Military Supporters One Douchebag at a Time"

The boys wanted me to share this email we received from a reader.  Thank you, Ian, for the email and your candor and support.  You are hereby part of the family, and no longer a "douchebag":

So, I've got to start off with a confession.

I've been a douchebag for years.

Politically, on most fronts, I'm a liberal. Been so since high school. Big into reading...Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, etc. I've been a big critic of the government, and in my teen years was what I can only describe as "venomous". I was horrified by 9/11, but at the same time, totally against invading Afghanistan and even more vehemently against invading Iraq. I thought it was because I was well-read and understood better than most other folk the political dynamics involved.

Turns out it was because I was only half-read.

I protested. Protested Bush, protested the war especially. I kept up with the argument that I could still support the troops and protest the war at the same time, as I've always respect our nation's armed services. My selfish naivety proved my undoing.
Last week, I was talking with...[an] ex-navy [guy], with combat experience in the middle east. We talked for about an hour and a half. It led to a better understanding of how servicemembers view protesters, view their mission, and view the homefront. It led to me understanding that maybe we're not getting the whole story about why we should be over there, instead of why we shouldn't. The conversation also led me to do more research, and thanks to the internet, led me to Blackfive, which was promptly added to my RSS reader. I always look forward to going through the posts daily as I sit at my desk waiting for something to happen at work. And every day, I realize just how wrong I've been.

I'll never protest the war again. And I can't promise, but I'm pretty sure I can't ever claim a decent knowledge base on anything again. Consider this liberal humbled (and perhaps, not so liberal anymore).

I said all that to say this: thank you. Thank you for putting the information out there and helping me understand.

Thanks again,

Chuck and the Donovan need to see this.  (We all experience a certain amount of burn out from the media and left wing lunatics.)