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The Freefly- Hillary mocks Obama the Messiah

Blackfive TV News- Full Satellite Shot & Afghan Airdrop

The Navy released a full package on the satellite shootdown, very nicely struck. Also a report on dropping supplies into remote areas of Afghanistan where convoys can't reach. All the people who want to talk about us letting bin Laden go in Tora Bora or why we can't finish off the Taliban in the border areas, just look at the terrain and think about how much stuff our military needs to operate. Do you really think putting all of that stuff up on the top of these mountains is feasible? We could probably take our entire military and surround the whole area and clear it village by village, but then what? Both Iraq & Afghanistan are counter-insurgency fights and kinetic combat power alone will not win. We do have the right strategies in place in both countries, the question is will President Obama allow them to finish the job.