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Blackfive TV- Bill Clinton on Valentines Day

In the past 48 hours I have seen three of the best political orators of our time, Barack Obama on Tuesday night, Mike Huckabee today before lunch and WJB Clinton this afternoon. Funny thing is the only thing I remember any of them saying is Huckabee's story about singing the National Anthem at Lambeau Field. Not one memorable line or riff or anything. I liked Huck best, not surprising even though he was my least favorite among the Republican candidates. But there is no doubt who the biggest star of the three is, the crowds alone told the tale. Obama 20,000+, WJB Clinton 2,000, Huck about 200. Here is some Clinton video. Bubba rambled on for more than an hour no prompter, Huck 35 minutes no prompter, Obama 25 minutes off a prompter. To make this even more fun, I will be seeing John McCain at the Lincoln Day Dinner Monday in Appleton. My Dad helped organize the event and I am hoping for a chance to meet the Maverick. The event today was in the Stock Pavilion, Stock as in cows and other yummy things hence the dirt floor.

Here is a very spot on bit about Angry White Men, I didn't know that was still allowed.