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All The Love in the World- Puppy Love II, III, IV...

Sometimes, things are just a little TOO good! 
You may have seen the fantastic work that Laughing Wolf did in completing his mission with Operation Puppy Love; he did it so well he made it look EASY.  Well, based on that mission, no fewer than a DOZEN fine animals are on their way home to new, appreciative families of soldiers.

If you have been watching the boob-tube this weekend, CNN or ABC in particular, you may have seen the videos about DJ (from LW's mission) on the CNN version, or the pair going to SSG Neesley's family on ABC- that video (and link) is posted below.  These are just two of the successful missions that brought some real joy to the families.  This, I think, is what it's all about.

I contacted the Neesley family when I read that they were having trouble bringing the dogs out; they had contacted many others, to include Sen. Carl Levin's office, and were getting little 'feedback' from the military in doing this.  The Army, having many much more important things to do, thought it a bridge too far.  Based on LW's baseline work, and his experience, we were able to guide them thru the process, and what is required, and bring them home.  No, it's not simple; no, I don't recommend it except in the most urgent cases, but it CAN be done.  Thankfully, with the help of many organizations, it is possible to do.  Now, I must say I understand the difficulty in international rescue operations.

Here is the ABC Video:

Here are some links to the stories that have posted it:

Associated Press:   Seattle Post-IntelligencerDetroit News:  Just to name a few.  Here are some pics that were not covered in the news stories:

This is Rich, from Best Friends Society, who flew into Baghdad and back the same night to escort the pups back; I believe that is a rep from the Senator's office greeting them at Dulles Airport.

This is the security team that brought the dogs to BIAP, in Baghdad:

and of course, safely into the family's arms:


I can't think of a better sight than what this represents.  I can tell you, it's extremely difficult for me to remain back in the states while this is going on!

Now, this is not the final mission, not by a long-shot.  Coming up next, we have the 82d Airborne bringing out some pups- namely, one by the name of Charlie.  He is due to come out the 13th; the target is to deliver him to the family in time for Valentines Day!  How kool is THAT?  Helping out this movement is none other than the SPCA- sending crates, getting shots set up, you name it.  Again, this is NOT easy even in the best circumstances.  I'll keep you updated on Charlie; hope to have pics soon.

Next up after Charlie, comes some of his buds from, guess who?  THE MARINES!  Hey, can't let Army have all the fun, right?  So, with a little help from Operation Cookie Jar, we have some lovely pups on their way out .. and I do mean lovely!

Picture1 See what I mean?  C'mon, who's gonna leave THESE guys behind, huh?  Knut, eat yer heart out!

So, off we go, on another wild adventure!  And wait 'til you hear who's bringing THESE guys out!

Stay tuned- we appreciate all your support!