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Veterans for Obama? Puhleaze.

I have always enjoyed Intel Dump, Phil Carter's blog, and consider it an excellent aource of quality analysis. I got an email from Phil that gave me cause to wonder about his judgment. He sent this about Veterans for Obama.

One of my colleagues from the Obama campaign, W. Scott Gould, sent me this dispatch from the campaign trail in South Carolina. By way of background, Scott's a retired Navy officer and OEF veteran who's one of the sharpest guys I know on veterans policy issues, and I've been honored to work with him for the past several months as part of the Obama veterans policy committee. Here's his dispatch:

"BEAUFORT, S.C. -- Veteran issues were front and center for Barack Obama on Wednesday at a rally in Beaufort High School home of the Blue Dolphins. Stirring introductions by Kent Fletcher, a recent Marine combat veteran from Iraq and a powerful endorsement by retired Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps John Estrada raised the need for strong leadership in national security, demanded that the country stand behind our wounded and called for an orderly and responsible end to the war in Iraq."

Now the fact that Obama has vets stumping for him shows more about the diversity of our military than Obama's appeal as a candidate. Every thing I have heard him say about the military or national security has been dangerously naive. It is all well and good to mouth feelgood platitudes about a new way and change, but a political tool with zero relevant experience is not much of a choice if you consider our world a dangerous place. You can state that you want a new voice and an upbeat message, just don't try to BS me and pretend that he has any qualities or experience that make him suitable to be Commander in Chief.

Obamadance He doesn't! So support the joy-bringer, but spare me any Obama-like support for the troops. You see like most lefties he supports the troops, but only the wounded ones, and the veterans and the dead all of those who need his compasion because of the harm done to them by Bush's illegal and immoral war. He and the progressives only talk about those troops. Well we all know they are important, read the tenets of this blog for starters. But what the compassion-mongers boldy ignore is the troops who are still the pointy end of the spear, the ones on the ground turning terrorists into dead tangos, those are the troops Obama and the left don't support. Go read Obama's Veterans page on his site, chock full of compassion but not one mention of victory, not one mention of the battles we have fought and won, and certainly no mention of dead tangos or our live enemies. Heaven forbid we talk about that.

Obama remains a lightweight who has no business ever commanding the US military, but if we elect him President he will do just that. I don't think I can support any of the Republicans, even my favored Maverick is now lying about Romney's statements on Iraq, that's shameful Senator. So I guess I'm back where I've been since the last vote I cast for Reagan, I will vote against whomever the Democrats nominate because either Hillary or the Cakeboy would set us back down the path of appeasement and proto-pacifism and we can't afford that. So poxes on all their houses and I am out of here for a walk in the crisp, clean, above freezing after two weeks of zero and below, Wisconsin air.