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Stuck in the middle

I am going to have to retrench myself in the screw 'em all position as far as supporting any political candidates for national office. I had hope for the Fred, but he campaigned like the Sleepy Bear Jamboree at Disneyworld, the Maverick has taken to lying about Romney's reasonable statements about Iraq and acting crotchety. I have no beef with Romney, but he seems such a chiseled from conservative proto-flesh android he puts me off. I know Romney's a wonderful man but no one right of the right is going to vote for him.

So, clowns to the left, jokers to the right, same as it ever was. I guess I should support Hillary, because I can be much meaner to her as President than I can to the lightweight from Ill a nwah. I'm done snivelin' now and will atone for this weakness by doing a mean video about Hillary and Obama.