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Someone You Should Know...

As the guy on the right there standing next to the Marine...

34036537This man is Dr. Bill Kristoff, now to be addressed as LCDR Krissoff, United States Navy Medical Corps.

His story should give anyone who is getting on in years and thinks they have no more contributions to make some pause and reflection on what exactly they can still do to make the world a better place.

The story, over at InstaPinch is truly inspiring.

Dr. Bill Krissoff was commissioned Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Medical Corps on November 17, 2007, at the age of 61. His decision to apply to the Navy Medical Corps to care for Marines came in response to the death of his oldest son. In December 2006, his son First Lieutenant Nathan Krissoff, USMC, who was serving as a Counterintelligence Officer with the 3rd Recon Battalion in Iraq, was killed in combat.

Inspired by his son’s commitment and dedication to serving his country, Dr. Krissoff decided to apply himself. Initially told by his recruiter that it was very unlikely that he would qualify because of the age limit, Dr. Krissoff did not give up. 

I will say that again for those in the cheap seats; Dr. Krissoff did not give up.

But this is not to say that it was all downhill because he was not going to give up.

During a private meeting with President Bush in Reno, Nevada, Dr. Krissoff asked for assistance on an age waiver for the Navy Medical Corps. The waiver was soon granted so that he could begin the application process.

Just so you know, this wasn't some part time, "I am only committed to my family when it is convenient" kind of effort by the doctor either.

Dr. Krissoff has closed his private practice, and he and his wife, Christine, have relocated to the San Diego, California area, where he is assigned to the 4th Medical Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group.

This has an added benefit for the family because, the Krissoff’s youngest son, Second Lieutenant Austin Krissoff, USMC, is stationed at Camp Pendleton, California.  Dr. Krissoff is preparing for deployment as an Orthopedist in a Forward Resuscitative Surgical System (FRSS), a Level II combat surgical team treating injured Marines in the field.

The punchline to all of this is that  Dr. Krissoff will be in the First lady’s box at the State of the Union speech tonight.

Thank you Dr. Krissoff for going the extra mile for your country, your family, and honoring the memory of your son.  I can think of no better tribute to his service and no better way to give back to his fellow Marines than your own service.

LCDR Krissoff, it is my honor to salute you.