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President McCain or President Obama?

This goes out to Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of those who now have the peasants all pitch-forked and torched up ready to take out the Maverick.

Since I am not a Republican or a conservative my advice may not mean all that much to you, but c'est la vie. Heck if Sarkozy can help the French make nice with the US, maybe a libertarian-leaning hawk can roost with true movement conservatives.

I am asking all of you to chill out and quit fanning conservative hate of John McCain. You can feature reader email outraged that the shamnesty King will destroy us all, but you all have spent months stoking those fires and made sure he was damaged goods.

So time to decide what's important to you, ideological purity or making sure we are not subjected to 8 years of President Obama. You can complain all you want about McCain's shortcomings, but how does he shape up against a true movement progressive. Obama's policies would be right at home here in the Mad City and unless Republicans field a candidate who can beat him, we will watch the socialism train travel around the country.

I wish Mitt Romney were a more compelling candidate, he would win any interview for the job of President conducted by a competent executive search committee. But the fact is he comes across as a conservative Ken doll and the only people he inspires are insiders. I agree with him on more policies than I do with McCain, but I also believe Obama would beat him and that matters more. I have to compare the damage a naive tool like Obama could do to our foreign policy, not to mention the progressive destruction of individual rights domestically.

So answer this one simple question before the next time you decide to hammer the Maverick, President McCain or President Obama?