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Army Medic (and Miss Utah) Competing in Miss America Pageant

Operation Puppy Love: Arrival

DJ at Sather/BIAP prior to departure

DJ has had an interesting few days, and is currently enjoying a brief vacation in the DC area to recover and prepare for the next step in her journey. Here is an updated version of her video, which shows parts of her trip and her arrival at Dulles.

Soldier's Angels deserves huge thanks for obtaining the airline travel crate and contents; the PetSmart in Lafayette, Indiana for donating some chew toys; the U.S. Air Force for not only providing a ride out to the flight line, but for taking the time to carry DJ out to the truck and then loading her on the plane; the flight crew at United and two very special employees at Dulles who went the extra mile to make things go smoothly once we were on the ground; Prudent Publishing (parent company of The Gallery Collection) for sponsoring things; and, of course, the fine people at Gryphon Air who made this happen.

For more photos of DJ, check out Pat Jarrett's Flickr site and keep reading his blog for updates and more.

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