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OK Mike, Nice Idea, but.....

At this rate, I will be doing my physical therapy at Firebase (insert classified Firebase name here)...

US Commander Orders Plans on Pakistan

I am betting we have only been forestalling the inevitable on this one.  It is about time we made our move.  If I was king of the world, I would have filled their skies with Red Berets and their shores with Devil Dogs a while back.  On September 12th, 2001 to be exact.

CENTCOM 6 did have some interesting things to say as to what he thought about the situation

"They see they've got real problems internally," Fallon said. "My sense is there is an increased willingness to address these problems, and we're going to try to help them." He said U.S. assistance would be "more robust," but he offered few details. "There is more willingness to do that now" on Pakistan's part, he said.

Yes sir, 10 rounds of Counter-battery tends to help that along....

Major Gen. David Rodriguez also had some good stuff to say about our progress there.

At the Pentagon, one of Fallon's subordinate commanders, Army Maj. Gen. David Rodriguez, said the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan is unlikely to stage a spring offensive in the volatile eastern region bordering Pakistan.

Rodriguez, who commands U.S. forces in eastern Afghanistan, told a Pentagon news conference that Taliban and al-Qaida fighters operating from havens in the largely ungoverned tribal areas of western Pakistan appear to have shifted their focus toward targets inside Pakistan rather than across the border in Afghanistan.

"I don't think there'll be a big spring offensive this year," Rodriguez said.

The Taliban generally has staged stepped-up offensives each spring, when the weather is more favorable for ground movement, although an anticipated offensive last spring did not materialize.

The AP did all right on this one.  The best part of all of this is what was not said.  Hmmmm.... I wonder why they have shifted their focus to inside Pakistan?  Could it be our success?

Our work is cut out for us though; it is common knowledge that the Taliban have thoroughly infiltrated and co-opted the Paks in many of the border areas, allowing them to operate with impunity and in some cases, actively aiding them.  Many in the ISI are active Taliban sympathizers; having gone so far as to have provided Artillery Fire support and Forward Observers during the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.

Don't get me wrong; good idea to do this.  Implementation is going to be a "Welcome to The SUCK Gentlemen" kind of proposition.  One thing is certain, if that oxygen thief UBL is still alive and we now can roam the highlands across the border, his days will truly be numbered.

And for those that like the occasional war story that demonstrates how true a story like this is, there will also be an upcoming post on the "Spring Offensive that Wasn't" in 06/07.

It definitely had it's moments....