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A Couple Of Things, Some Slightly Off Topic

NRO hack needs to stop ending campaigns

I love National Review Online and the Corner is the best blog bar none, but I am sick to death of them calling the deaths of particular campaigns. FFS this year is wide open and the idea that any of these events ends anyone's campaign is arrogant and naive. Worst is Kathryn Lopez, who is so in the tank for Romney she hasn't had any coherent commentary since they put perfect hair man on the cover.

re: Even If He's Blah Tonight, Why Should Fred Drop Out?   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

I disagree with Jim Geraghty on Thompson. This is the end. He's lead an honorable and conservative campaign. But it's probably about over.

She and too many others want to knock people out of the race to clear the way for Romney and I am hard-pressed to take them seriously. Nobody has enough delegates to win anything, nobody has any unbeatable momentum, and nobody knows how this will turn out. So stop sounding like a partisan hack K-Lo and let the game go on.

I realize that you have accepted Mitt as a religious enough candidate, funny underwear and all, but he can't win a general election and that is what really matters. Stop acting like an echo chamber lefty and let the candidates play this out themselves.