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Make Sergeant Jill Stevens "America's Choice" for Miss America

Background Information - See this post about a Utah National Guardsman, OEF (Afghanistan) vet, and beauty queen running in the Miss America pageant.  Sergeant Jill Stevens, aka GI Jill, has a site here.

You can make her "America's Choice" by going here and voting once per day (click on Utah for Jill's profile and then click on the VOTE button and follow the directions). 

Let's make GI Jill "America's Choice"!

Update:  Here are some photos from her Flickr site (it's really great):


Speaking with Staff Sgt. John Faulkenberry an infantryman from Midland, Texas, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Oct. 24. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Roger Mommaerts Jr.