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Interview w/ the Army of Dude

Let me check to see if I am surprised...

Uhhh.... Nope....

I don't have a high enough clearance to know what is going on in these meetings about national strategy or defense policy.  I do know a couple things though...

When you do not take, or deny key terrain to an enemy, they will use it against you.  If you do not act decisively, the enemy will act for you.  If you do not move to counter an enemy, they will continue to do as they please.

So, it really came as no surprise to me that as I was cruising the internet that I came upon this little gem of a story about how Iran continues to do as they please, because of our indecisive actions.

Now, I am not talking about carpet bombing the entire country, or even bombing them at all; but I do know that they are key terrain (located exactly between Iraq and Afghanistan) and that they are using it against us on both battlefields.  The introduction of these weapons (and the logistics frame work to get them there) is definitely not good.

It remains to be seen what we will do to counteract this move by Iran.  I do hope it figures prominently in someone's morning meeting agenda in the Puzzle Palace.

Because if I was at a firebase out in Herat right now, it would figure prominently in my planning process.