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Leadership: Top to Bottom

Today there are a couple of items which caught my eye. Leadership is one of my favorite subjects. Men and Women who have what it takes to stick it out, in hard times and good times, to achieve the mission in various conventional and non conventional ways.  People who have what it takes to make an example of themselves and lead by that example.

Worlds are changed in such ways by these folks. Those who know me, know that I believe the way to change anti-American behavior by nations, when all other actions have been tried unsuccessfully, is to show our enemies the American Fighting Man and place him squarely on the necks of our enemies. There is no finer ambassador of the United States than the American GI with an M-16 in one hand and candy in the other. Europe and Japan, indeed all the World of the 1940s and 50s, was changed by just those types of Men.

The first post to catch my eye was Michael Totten's current post on Fallujah. The Men of the Marine Corps and the Iraqi Police Transition Teams have done wonders in that place. There is no better example of what it takes to change radical Islamic culture than this post. In order to change the Islamic/Arab/South Side Snake Handler (or whomever the enemies of America will end up being)mindset that America is evil, and the source of all that is wrong in the world, you give them the example of your average American neighbor, proficient at his job, willing to teach others his skills, compassionate and understanding, but firm in his convictions that you have to do the right thing....even when no one else is looking. Mr. Totten's post is full of examples of Marines and Texas National Guardsmen, and even courageous upstanding Iraqis who are dragging their world out of the Stone Age and towards the 21st Century. (The Iraqis are in the 18th or 19th century in some cases, but that is better than the 7th century AD, ain't it?)  Read all of this one.

Next, I saw the post at Gateway Pundit of the family that fights together, winning together. This Mom and Son story demonstrates that the average American who is willing to take matters into their hands and act on what needs to be done, is what makes Leaders in our country. And members of our military have all volunteered to serve their country since 9-11, making them the finest examples of Leadership in the face of adversity and war, in our country. Mom must be a right tough thing if she can join up when Junior joins up, and serve beside him in the worst places in the world right now. And she is just the latest example of patriotic Americans to do so.

Finally, at the top, is a story about how Leadership is frequently a lonely business. Sometimes you just have to know your way is right, and despite every naysayer in the world, you have to insist on Victory instead of walking away from a bad situation. It is eye-opening just how many of his advisors were ready to give up on the Iraqis and allow them to participate in a killing frenzy until they had worn themselves and their culture to a nubbin, just because no one, (except this Leader) thought that Winning was possible. It appears there were very few who thought winning was possible, and almost none inside the administration.

Men like Sir Winston Churchill knew that failure in the face of tyranny and evil, was not an option. The very existence of their country and their way of life depended on hanging on when everyone else was defeated, demoralized, and/or dead. Whatever you feel about this Man, you cannot deny he is a Leader. You may not like the way he leads or where he leads, but the final judgment that matters is whether he was correct and victorious in the end, or whether he gave up because too many cowards, skeptics, and laissez faire strategists said the job couldn't be done.

And then, we all hope fervently, he will be remembered as the Man who took the job which couldn't be done, ..... and just did it.