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Zawahiri Q&A- al Qaeda goats & Islamic Rage Boy

Interview w/ the Army of Dude

I spoke this afternoon w/ Alex Horton who wrote the blog Army of Dude while in country, and now writes at VetVoice the VoteVets blog. He got back and eventually ETSed and is a civilian now with the obligatory, crappy job. We talked about how the political conversation plays out for active duty folks and he brought up something I remember just as well. You can talk about anything in the barracks or the team room. Anything anyone holds dear is a target for abuse, and once you strip away the veneer you can actually talk about anything. He noted how that's tough to do with civilians as they don't play like that. I agree wholeheartedly and that's why I play the way I do. It was a rambling conversation about politics and brothers in arms regardless of their political persuasions or at least their openness to an actual discussion.

The audio is here. Opinions on audio quality requested as I am working with new gear.