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Horrifyingly Flagrant attack on US Navy by Iran

Looks like the Iranians decided to poke at the Great Satan's boats and see what happens. Since they are well aware we are not the British and attempting to board or get about one inch further than they went would have made a whole boat load of sailors happier than shore leave in Thailand, that makes this a feint. A feint is designed to provoke an exploitable reaction, i.e. us blowing harmless Iranian vessels who were on a humanitarian mission to bring rice to starving polar bears. Ralph Peters, as he often does, loses his mind and declares this the greatest naval defeat since France sunk Greenpeace's boat the Rainbow Warrior.

January 8, 2008 -- EARLY Sunday morning, the US Navy lost its nerve and guaranteed that American sailors will die at Iranian hands in the future.

STFU Ralph! Good gravy, I think it's safe to say the Iranians and everyone else knows we can blow them into their component molecules pretty much at will. Heck the Navy even lets chicks kill people, how 'bout them apples holy warrior? So what's the point? The Iranians drove to within 200 meters of one of our boats talking smack the whole way in on the radidio.

"Cringe infidels! Kneel before my puny pimped-out Boston Whaler. I spit on your aircraft carriers, your Tomahawk missiles, your PHALANX gatling gun from Hell." "Holy camel shite Mahmoud, not this freakin' close are you insane? Run Away! Run Away!"

And somehow I remain free from the powers of the Iranian Navy to write this bilge. Stay safe Navy, and do me a favor if they show back up again, please have a female fire whatever you decide to stick in their asses.