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Fighting Storms in Afghanistan and at Home

Many of you know SC Eagle at A Storm in Afghanistan.  For those not in know, he was called home on a Red Cross when his wife discovered that she had breast cancer which had spread to her brain - she had terminal cancer.  They have three children.

Here is the link to the post about their discovery - My Hardest Post.

...and he told us that all of his tests had come out negative for any problems. And he believed that she really was having these problems. He showed us the MRI of her head. And then he showed us the tumors.

The breast cancer has metastisized to her brain. There are tumors in her brain. Brain cancer.
We drove home... numb, but with things we had to do.

Friday, we went back for more tests. We had x-rays, and another MRI, this time of the spine.
The news is this. There are eleven tumors in her brain. If you were to divide her brain into quadrants, then at least two of the tumors would be as large as the quadrant. There are also metastatic tumors in her lungs (again).

So, we have breast cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer. And like the neurologist told us, while the situation is not hopeless, it is extremely serious. If we do nothing at all, she likely has no more than a few months.

What Now?

What now... That's the question we've been facing for the last several days. We've come to the acceptance that within a year, I'll likely be a single father. By acceptance, I don't mean to imply happiness or anything like that. More like many, many tears.

We have cried a lot. All of our hopes, dreams, and plans... well, those seem out the window now.

Everything we do now is seen through the prism of the cancer. Wondering what we can do to preserve her for the children. Crying over how young the children are and if they'll remember her.

It's been a long weekend. We're getting ready for her surgery.

My unit has been extremely supportive. My 1SG is amazing, and as my Commander spelled out to me, my place of duty is my family. The rest of the chain of command, likewise.

And now, we just try to go day by day.

She passed away on December 31st, 2006.  This is from SC's post about her - Pain, No More:

Ellicia died today. 3:20 PM. It was a long day, but the end was... peaceful. And heart-wrenching. She was told it was ok to go... but, she's stubborn you know...

She's gone now.  No more of the horrible hideous pain... for her.

Rest, in peace, my love... my friend... my companion. I will always love you... and I miss you more than you know. I am so happy you hurt no more, but I am selfish for one last twinkly smile, one last laugh, one last kiss.

You were a beautiful, strong, incredible woman whom I was blessed to know and share some time with. I will miss all that we left undone together, yet I look forward to what will come - one day.

I love you, Ellicia.

And now SC Eagle is asking for your help to combat breast cancer.  He is going to do the annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Those of you who know me know that the fight against breast cancer is a personal one for me.  I am asking you to support my pal SC Eagle by donating to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  You can visit the blog or go straight to the Avon Walk site that SC Eagle set up as a tribute to his wife, Ellicia.

You can also go here and see how to join the fight against breast cancer.

For Ellicia and all women...