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Did the Democrat Political Victories Cause the Surge to Be a Success?

Of course not.

The Surge is a military success (but not yet an Iraqi political one) for a variety of reasons.  But if you want to give politicians credit for the Surge being the right move, you have to give Senator John McCain his due.  It wouldn't have happened without him.

The best word, however, comes from something that I wish I wrote.  Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard writes a piece you should all read.  This part is what I wish we could see - because it would mean that we have a chance at making Iraq free:

...It's too much to expect for Democrats to abandon their antiwar position on Iraq. That would alienate the large antiwar bloc of voters in the Democratic party.

But there's another option--the honest alternative. They could have noted the surge is working, but that much more needs to be done in Iraq. And if the Iraqi government does what's required, that might call for a new policy.

But Iraqi leaders must move quickly, since Americans are still dying in Iraq. At the moment, however, there's no reason to expect serious political progress at the national level in Iraq. So the only policy that makes sense is to begin withdrawal of troops.

Sad to say, none of the Democratic candidates came close to saying anything like that.

Without American bipartisan work on the Iraqi political front, success in Iraq will be tougher to win - and will cost more American lives.

Read the whole piece here.