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CJTF-82 No free speech for Dutch politician Wilders

I am stunned by something I just read at the CJTF- 82 website. Before you read what I think, go read what they posted on an official US military website.

Whoever is responsible for writing this and posting it on their site is so far off the reservation I can't believe it happened. In the barest terms we have the operational staff of a US combat unit telling a Dutch politician that he might want to cut back on exercising his free speech rights.

WTF? Once again this is US officers writing an Op-Ed on an official military site calling an allied politician and his followers fanatics.

While Wilders and the Party for Freedom stir the hate by blaming an entire religion for the actions of extremists, they also attract more of their own “fanatical” followers, increasing their own power.  The headlines that resulted from the violence, the fear generated in communities around the world, an increase in “suicide bomber recruiting” all further the terrorist’s goals.

If that doesn't chill your blood I don't know what will. I can't think of a single way this could possibly be kosher and I am more worried that somehow an attitude that would produce such sentiments would be allowed to fester. Let me be perfectly clear to those deluded folks who put this out. It is not now, nor will it ever be the job of the 82nd Freakin' Airborne to write ill-advised, ignorantly-reasoned, and UCMJ & Constitutionally non-compliant, polemics about the free exercise of speech by the politicians of our allies or our enemies for that matter. Your job is to conduct military operations in support of national security objectives. I realize the State Dept sucks Hoover, tough shite, they shouldn't be appeasing the Religion of Perpetual Outrage either. Which moves me to the important point.

The folks at CJTF-82 seem to think the world should adapt to the sensibilities of those who can kill over cartoons. Sorry there gentlemen you have that exactly bass-ackwards, they must adapt to a world that reserves the right to mock your god or anyone's. Geert Wilders is doing exactly what these confused officers swore to protect and defend. It may make it more difficult as you attempt to balance kinetic operations, counter-insurgency and cultural sensitivity, but tough shite. You don't start telling our friends what to do with their own freedoms.

I am not in any way interested in learning how I can live the rest of my life without somehow crossing one of the barbaric, arbitrary and yet fatwa and murder-worthy outrage lines they have drawn in the sand. Matter of fact I am interested in purposely causing outrage from time to time to make sure people understand, in a free country the right to cause outrage trumps the right to claim offense and silence or sanction me. Mark Steyn is suffering the fate the staff at CJTF-82 contemplates for all who might offend the local populace they must work with.

One more time with emphasis, freedom isn't free and we know you pay the hefty fee, but stick to your job.