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Operation Puppy Love: Bringing DJ Home

Badgers Forward- Still a gunfight

UPDATE: Because I am a Muppet I thought this was recent, it is from August. Thanks C/F.

While we sit at home fat and sassy, it pays to remember every day that it's still a gunfight on the front lines.

0600 Tuesday - computer booting, coffee ground and brewing, into the the TOC - what happened over night? The board that was so often blank, filled with five events and a sixth being written.

"What?  Did First decide they need to make up for doing Convoy Security the first part of this rotation?"

"I guess so, Sir," replied one of the Battle NCOs.

"So what do we have?"

"Six finds , Sir.  One with det."

The battle NCO using our slang indicates  one detonated while being interrogated.