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A Paratrooper's Paratrooper at 90

    "I cherish the memory of something my grandson said to me the other day. He asked me, 'Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?' Grandpa said no. 'But I served in a company of heroes.'" - A letter to Dick Winters from one of his paratroopers.

Happy 90th Birthday to Major Dick Winters of Easy Company (2nd Battalion, 506th PIR) and Band of Brothers fame.

I believe there is still an effort underway to have his Distinguished Service Cross (2nd highest award for valor next to the Medal of Honor) upgraded to the MOH.  At the time of his actions at Brecort Manor (Normandy), there was a rule where only one soldier per offensive per Division could be awarded the MOH.  Even though Winters was put in for the MOH, it was downgraded because the MOH was being considered for a Lieutenant Colonel.

I'm pretty sure Dick Winters doesn't care about the medal.  In a way, signing the petition isn't really awarding "the medal" to Winters, but to all of Easy Company. 

Major Winters is one of my personal and professional heroes.  I knew about him as a paratrooper and later in ROTC studying the battle at Brecort in what would become episode 2 of Band of Brothers ("Day of Days").

Go here to sign the petition and join me in wishing him a Happy 90th!