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A Letter And Message To The Candidates

Sgt. Hook has a Letter to the Candidates that should go to every politician, not just those running. It is well worth reading, and well worth sharing. It also echoes a message that I was asked to send by multiple enlisted soldiers this last embed. Note, enlisted: not officers, not senior NCOs, but enlisted. Grunts, line animals, the guys on the sharp end. The guys who are walking among and working with Iraqis every day and helping them not just rebuild, but build new and better lives and communities. The guys who watch Iraqis pay a price for jaws flapping here that creates violence and problems there. The guys who catch the packet as well when jaws flapping here creates violence and problems there. The summation is, Iraq and the lives involved are NOT a political football for your use, and what you say is heard and acted upon there. I like the way one of them put it: "Please tell them to just shut the f**k up!" Your words do have power, and are getting people hurt and killed, and making it harder, far harder than it should be, to get the job done so they can come home and leave something good behind.