NRO hack needs to stop ending campaigns
Anti-Military Lawyer In Court Tomorrow Today

A Couple Of Things, Some Slightly Off Topic

First up, let me agree fully and strongly with Uncle Jimbo's latest post. To all pundits out there: please do STOP your efforts to decide the election pre-voting and let the candidates play out and let the CITIZENS decide via voting. No, you really don't know better than the peasants, so quit it.

Second, I have created my own YouTube channel for those items that are not right for here, or in case Cecil B. DeJimbo and I end up having "artistic differences." I hope you will check it out.

Third, Sgt. Hook posted this request from the family of Major Andrew Olmsted. It is right and fitting, and I urge you to do so.

The off topic part has to do with Wolf Park. Winter Wolves comes up next Saturday, and if you are within driving distance I recommend braving the cold to come. Winter is when wolves are in their prime, with full coats and lots of interesting behaviors as it is also the start of their breeding season. Summer is great for people, but results in what I term fuzzy lawn ornaments as who in their right mind wants to run around in the heat in a fur coat?

From the very frozen wilds of NW Indiana, I hope you have a warm and wonderful day.

NOTE: Updated to correct spelling error. I should know better than to post before coffee kicks in.