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Nancy & the Nutroots feeling the Victory Blues

Wounded Warriors Speak

Ralph Peters usually writes some fine articles about soldiers. This one is no different. It lists several folks "you should know". Merry Christmas, Marines. And like SGT Martinez says,

"Be grateful for what you have. Nothing is ever that bad."

Read the whole thing. Where do these Men come from? Right here in the USA, that's where!


    -You can donate to the Warrior and Family Support Center project via credit card by phone at 1-888-343-HERO or on the Web at ReturningHeroesHome.org. 

    -To give by mail, send donations to:

    Returning Heroes Home

    P.O. Box 202194

    Dallas, TX 75320-2194

    -Checks should be made out to Returning Heroes Home, Inc. This is a nonprofit 501c3 endeavor; all donations are tax-deductible. All contributions, in any amount, will help our wounded warriors.

Please give to those who gave so much.

Because we aren't worth their spit.

Subsunk out.

(PS, the formatting ain't working from me new office location, so I apologize for the poor formatting and punctuation on this post. Just read COL Peters article.)