The Fighting 69th
Prayers in Iraq

To All A Merry Christmas...

ChristmasnightmagichouseTo all of you:

I wish to send you a message of Peace and Goodwill, that you may all have the best Christmas ever.

To my brethren far from home:  God speed, stay safe, and thank you all.  May the Spirit of Christmas watch over you and your families while you are away.  You are in I and my family's thoughts and prayers always.

To the fellows here at BlackFive, I have a special 'bestowment' that I'd like to send...

Brielle_and_jack_xmas_2007_a To Matt:  The best fifth of Cognac available, in the best club in Chicago;

To Jimbo:  The biggest 'get' and sale you've ever imagined, and a new set of wheels;

To Froggy: A merry Christmas, and some fun stuff to go in those new digs;

To Grim:  Lots and Lots of airline tickets to go re-embed again with 'the fellas';

To Laughing Wolf: a safe and prosperous time in Iraq;

To Maj Pain: Safe travels, and a chance at the Big Guy;

To Pinch:  Mach 2 with your hair on fire- the sun at your six;

To Subsunk:  To always 'run silent, run deep';

To Debow:  A quick healing, a steady aim, and a faster laptop.

I am humbled before thee...


I highly recommend watching 'Until Then' again this time of year- and remember them for all they do:
(but I must say- the children of the Texas Children's Choir, led by Dr Hardaway, sing it FAR better; I wish I could find their CD)


MERRY CHRISTMAS from our house in Colorado!!