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The only time I agree w/ John Kerry

The NFL and the Big Ten Network have officially pissed me off. UW is a state school sucking up my state and my federal tax dollars by the shite load. UW sold some of it's basketball and football games to the Big Ten network, and my cable thieves don't carry that. So now I can't see games from a team my tax money supports. Well I'm throwing the BS flag. I will be at whatever hearings accompany and authorize this. But the asshats at the NFL have doen the same damn thing with NFL games. And don't give me any crap about free enterprise, the NFL operates as a sanctioned monopoly so they are already gaming the system, greedy bastards all of 'em. Oh so how does F. Jacques Kerry factor in, well he's throwing bombs at the NFL saying "don't make me legislate on your punk ass".

With the New England Patriots now one win away from finishing the regular season undefeated, Sen. John Kerry is stepping up his campaign to get the final game broadcast on national television.

The contest Saturday with the New York Giants is to air locally in Boston and New York. But outside those markets it is scheduled to appear only on the NFL Network, a cable channel that reaches just 35 million households nationwide while the league and cable operators dicker over pricing and distribution.

Kerry asked football Commissioner Roger Goodell today to move the game to NBC – and threatened Senate hearings if he does not.

“Under the unfortunate circumstance that this matter remains unresolved, leaving 60 percent of households across the country – including thousands in Massachusetts – without access to Saturday’s game, I will ask the Senate Commerce Committee to hold hearings on how the emergence of premium sports channels are impacting the consumer,” he wrote to Goodell today in a letter released by his office.