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Football IQ and the Packers' Perfect Season

I wasn't going to write anything about football, then Brian Westbrook of the Eagles did something very cool. His team was closing out the 12-1 Cowboys and up only 4 points with 2 minutes left. He broke loose on a run and could have walked in scoring a touchdown and making it a two score game. This would have been good, but it doesn't seal the game as the Cowboys get the ball and with a score and an onside kick could beat you. Instead Westbrook foregoes the touchdown and downs himself at the one. The Cowboys had no time outs so McNabb takes 3 knees and the clock runs out. How many players don't take the TD? Not many, classy play.

Favreslinger Now back to the team I am part owner of, the Green Bay Packers. Today they let the Rams stick around for a half and then took care of business. Favre collected the last major passing record, passing Marino for most passing yards evah. Kev predicts he will play two more years and on the first game of the second season he would pass Jim Marshall for most consecutive games evah. That's insane, so odds are it will happen.

Here is how the rest of the season goes. Patriots run the table and the AFC Playoffs landing in the big game 18-0. Cowboys and Packers both run their tables and the NFC Championship game is at Cowboy Texas Stadium, where Favre has never won evah. I know it would be fun to redo the Ice Bowl at Lambeau and if the Cowboys want to screw up then fine. I'm just assuming they won't and #4 exorcises an undeserved demon winning in Dallas.

So Brett rides in to Cowpoke Tejas Stadium and beats the Pokes like wet dogs in a dry house. Yeah Baby! I mean a vicious, wicked whipping with lots of underhand passes and 60 yard rainbows and 15 yard lasers. WOOOOOOOH!!!!!

Oh yeah then we squash the cheating Patriots like bugs in the Super Bowl. So let it be written, so let it be done.