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Spiritual Warfare Needed - SPC Michael D. Hauser

Okay, we need to amp up the prayers and positive thoughts for a soldier who just arrived at Walter Reed on the 21st.

SPC Michael Hauser was on a foot patrol in Baqubah, Iraq about four weeks ago when a suicide bomber walked up and detonated her explosive device.  Peppered with shrapnel, a larger piece entered Michael's brain above his right eye.  Seven others on the patrol were wounded, too.

Michael, in a coma but alive, was evacuated to Germany where his family met him.  Michaels mom and dad, brother, wife and daughter all were at Landstuhl waiting for Michael to get well enough to go back to the States.  Unfortunately, he developed pneumonia.  And further, the American hospital at Landstuhl couldn't perform a new lifesaving procedure because it hadn't been approved by the FDA.  So, the Germans performed it brilliantly at Regensburg.  More from Soldiers' Angel Mary Ann:

I met them when they arrived in Germany about 3 weeks ago. Ray & Margie (mom and Dad), wife Rachel (5 month-old daughter Kyli). Michael's brother Dan (a deployed Marine) was sent here on a Red Cross.

They spent about a week of that time in a German hospital, where Michael was treated with a device invented there known as a Novalung, which removes CO2 from the blood. It's not yet FDA approved so not in use at Landstuhl.

Michael responded to the treatment, and was able to return to Landstuhl.  Finally, he was flown to WR yesterday.  Dan was able to fly with him in the medevac plane. The other day Michael showed some signs of consciousness while Ray and Margie were with him.

It's a miracle and a blessing they are all now on American soil for Chirstmas,  but we need all the prayers we can get for this young hero...

Ray, Mike's father, served in both the Marines and the Navy.  Dan's wife is also a Marine.  This is a phenomenal family.  Here is a message from Ray:

Hi.. on 12/21/07 @ 1:12 pm (German time) Brother Dan accompanied Army Brother Mike to Washington,D.C. via C-17 from Landstuhl , Germany.  Jen (Dans Wife ) also a Marine flew on a C-5. Margie, MYSELF, Rachel & 5 mo old Kyli took off on 12/22 on a Boeing 777 @ 1 pm German time (7 am eastern time) & arrived at Washington-Dulles Airport at 4 pm eastern time. We were all at the Walter Reed Hospital at 5:30 pm 12/22.

Mike is still in a SEDATED COMA. BRAIN EXTREMELY SWOLLEN on RIGHT SIDE. BODY is SHIVERING as has COLD THERMAL BLANKET on HIM to keep down His FEVER. Has 3 DRAINAGE TUBES on HIS BRAIN. 1 LEFT SIDE,1 RIGHT side & 1 in the Back. Has been given a DRUG to help Him forget the TRAGIC INCIDENT in IRAQ 11/27/07. The DOCTORS call it MILK OF AMNESIA.

He is to get a NEW BED which is similar to the one He had in Landstuhl , Germany. It Shakes & can turn Right to Left. NO TRACHEOTOMY Yet, as to WEAK to BREATHE on His own. is on a RESPIRATOR. Has Feeding Tube to INTESTIONAL TRACK for NOURISHMENT. Has DRAINAGE TUBE into STOMACH.  We all PRAY for a GOOD RECOVERY . KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING.

May You all have GREAT HOLIDAYS.. SAW the BILLS lose to the GIANTS and the Nasty weather brewing in BUFFALO,New York. Hope YOU have a WHITE CHRISTMAS.. 


Since many of you will be attending Church tonight, see if you can ask your ministers and clergy to add Michael to the prayer list.  Maybe, we can get thousand of thoughts and prayers out tonight for the Hausers.  Many of you ask what you can do to help.  Well, right now, prayers and positive thoughts are the best that we can do.  Time for some serious Spiritual Warfare, people.

For more information, see these articles at The Buffalo News here, here, and here.

I'll post more information as it comes in.

Thank you.