Santa Visits Baghdad (and 3rd ID Gifts a Hellfire Missile to Al Qaeda)
Former PM of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, Assassinated

Sniper Wonderland & Same Time Last Year

I took a look back at what we were writing about last December and I found this bit in a piece about who should succeed Gen. Abizaid as Commander in Iraq.

So give the gig to Petraeus, send another couple of boatloads of troops to secure Baghdad, and send him a bunch of satchels of cash to give to local sheiks and to fund local projects. Get our troops and the Iraqi troops among the people, living, securing, rebuilding. Oh and one last thing, LTG Petraeus...please bust a cap in Mookie's ass.

Well I got almost all of my wish list, and we all know the time for whacking Mook was back in 2004, once we chickened out we lost the opportunity.

Now that the main holiday has passed I will link the infamous "Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland" both versions.

Iraqi Sniper Wonderland

From the top of the hill, a one shot kill
Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland

Johnny Jihad slinks around a-spyin' (spyin')
So you stop and chamber another round
Shoot him in the head his brains go flyin' (flyin')
And you can watch him quiver on the ground

Later on, by the fire
We will build a funeral pyre
From the top of the hill, a one shot kill
Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland

Local sheikh got sick of Johnny Jihad (Jihad)
So he told you just which hooch was his
Predator sends Hellfire, now it's all bad (all bad)
Remote sniping yeah, we're cool like this

Johnny's hooch, booms ongoin'
Johnny's toys, they're a-blowin'
From high in the sky, swift justice will fly
Walkin' in a Sniper Wonderland

The original: (Warning at least one baby is harmed in the singing of this song.)

Update: A fellow Oki asylum vet sends this hilarity that fits the theme perfectly.