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Saying Thanks

From a reader in Ohio, this is probably something most of you have done or tried to do.  Thank you.

Thursday, I was on my way home from a business trip through San Antonio. The airport was thick with Army camo, as Ft. Sam Houston was sending troops home on leave for Christmas.

I sat down in an airport restaurant for lunch, and noticed a young soldier working on his chips and salsa while waiting for his order. When the waitress took my order, I nodded toward the soldier, and asked to pick up his check. The waitress said, "Sorry, that guy over there already has it", pointing out another business man.

While working on my lunch, another pair of soldiers walked in. I called the waitress over, and nodded towards the pair. "Those two?" "Yep" -- so my afternoon mission was accomplished.

A few minutes later, an older couple came in and took a table. I noticed them looking around, gesturing towards the pair of soldiers while talking to the waitress. The waitress shook her head, and gestured towards me...

Nice to see an uncoordinated effort by civilians (I've never served), to make sure soldiers didn't pick up a check. Something Harry Reid and the New York Times just wouldn't understand.

Anonymous in Ohio