3rd ID Soldiers Help Iraqi Woman to Walk Again
Sniper Wonderland & Same Time Last Year

Santa Visits Baghdad (and 3rd ID Gifts a Hellfire Missile to Al Qaeda)

What further sign do you need for a stabilizing Iraq than a visit from Santa?

Of course, Iraq is still not the land of the-milk-and-honey-of-human-kindness that we all wish it would be (Santa's sleigh was armored, after all).  Here is a video of troops running a few remaining Al Qaeda to ground in their sector.  On December 24th, Soldiers from the 2nd BCT, 3rd ID , received info that a few key leaders of AQI in their sector were trying to depart and crossing the Tigris River.  3rd BCT, 3rd ID, picked up the trail, confirmed the targets were correct and sent a few Apaches out after them.  Merry Christmas, and here's your package, Al Qaeda!