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RedLegs Pound Insurgents in Iraq

On December 27th, SPC Rick Rzepka of the 1st BCT, 101st ABN DIV (AA) witnessed some payback and took the photos:

COB SPEICHER, Iraq – U.S. Forces in Northern Iraq destroyed a storage facility containing explosives used in the making of vehicle-borne bombs, and a weapons cache in the open desert near Bayji this morning.

They said intelligence sources informed them of this target, which had been under suspicion for the last few days.

“We have the capabilities to strike anywhere at anytime,” said Lt. Col. Peter Wilhelm, commander of the 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment. “This week’s VBIED attack in Bayji destroyed more than a hundred innocent civilian lives. It is a top priority to disable the enemy’s bomb-making capabilities in this area, so we can deter these kinds of vicious attacks like this from ever happening again.”

The GMLRS from Detachment 1, Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery Regiment from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, were in support of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) operations, who maintain the peace in the restive city.

Det 1, Alpha Batt sends some love on the way!