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December 2007

Saying Thanks

From a reader in Ohio, this is probably something most of you have done or tried to do.  Thank you.

Thursday, I was on my way home from a business trip through San Antonio. The airport was thick with Army camo, as Ft. Sam Houston was sending troops home on leave for Christmas.

I sat down in an airport restaurant for lunch, and noticed a young soldier working on his chips and salsa while waiting for his order. When the waitress took my order, I nodded toward the soldier, and asked to pick up his check. The waitress said, "Sorry, that guy over there already has it", pointing out another business man.

While working on my lunch, another pair of soldiers walked in. I called the waitress over, and nodded towards the pair. "Those two?" "Yep" -- so my afternoon mission was accomplished.

A few minutes later, an older couple came in and took a table. I noticed them looking around, gesturing towards the pair of soldiers while talking to the waitress. The waitress shook her head, and gestured towards me...

Nice to see an uncoordinated effort by civilians (I've never served), to make sure soldiers didn't pick up a check. Something Harry Reid and the New York Times just wouldn't understand.

Anonymous in Ohio

Alright, Make up your F*#%ing Mind Already

I have no doubt that based upon the following statement that the MoveOn.org retards will soon be using the Majority Leader as their newest punching bag... (h/t Drudge)

"...there are a lot of reasons the surge certainly hasn't hurt. It's helped. I recognize that."

Mr. Incompetent uttered this little nugget while on the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour on PBS.  I was truly taken aback by some of the statements that he made to Ray Suarez during this interview.  I am sure that you will recall that in April of this year, Mr. Incompetent said the war was lost and that the Surge had failed.

Some of the statements he makes just boggle the mind....

"...the ethnic cleansing has taken place all over Iraq. There is not the conflict because there is separation. There's segregation in effect.""How much longer are we going to be asked to spend $12 billion a month on this war, when we don't have money for health care? We tried to get 10,000 poor children health insurance. The president said there's not enough money to do that."

"We have to do a better job with health insurance. We have 50 million people with no health insurance. We have global warming that is here, and the president doesn't recognize there's a thing called global warming."

"It's not Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, talking now. It's any pundit that you talk to. We're going to pick up Senate seats. If the election were held today, we would pick up four seats. That would bring us up to 55."

So all the little children are suffering and the planet is going to melt because we went to Iraq.  None of those little nuggets compares to this one.  It is my favorite...

And we need to bring our troops home. I had a long planned trip to go to Walter Reed today. I didn't know I was going to be on this show. And I went there today for lunch and met with staff and some of the soldiers who are wounded and some who weren't wounded.

And without exception, when I said, "You know, we're doing everything we can to help you, appreciate your service, but I want to get the troops home." And without exception, they said, "Get them home as fast as you can."

Sure they did Harry.  I sure bet they told you they wanted to quit and come home without securing victory....

Five bucks says we keep the Presidency and pick up seats in the Congress.

MP! Phone Home!

I was lucky to be home from Afghanistan last Christmas.

Other soldiers were not so lucky.  They only got to call home.  When I was leaving to go back to Afghanistan, I handed off the 35 calling cards I had been given to soldiers heading home.

Turns out though, not many of them needed them, though they took them anyway.

Make sure to do what you can this holiday season.  Check out the USO, who have been helping soldiers in uniform since before my Dad was born, and the Freedom Calls Foundation to make a donation and buy a soldier a calling card to call home this year.

Thanks to all of the B5'ers and their families and friends for the support that they provide to those of us who serve, and to those of who have served.

Have you lost your edge test

Update: It's some kind of singles site rip off, what a bummer. I liked the whole whackin' 5th graders thing much better than Foxworthy's show.

OK I have posted way too many sweetness and light, milk of human kindness stories lately so holidays or not here we go. via JG at NRO who does not disclose his score.

How many fifth graders could you take in a fight?

Now you have to take this in the spirit it is intended. Assume the fifth graders are evil (easy), assume that you are ruthless when backed into a corner, and you ought to get at least a dozen or so. I have some advantages in bulk and training though and am consequently proud of my weasel count. Honestly, I don't think they have a Spartan/Sheepdog algorithm 'cuz I think I could have stacked 'em like cord wood.


Find a Ultrasound school near you

[foul language]ing moron shows Blackfive some Holiday Spirit

Got a gem of a hatemail today...

Remember this story about UC Santa Cruz from April in 2006 (more at Instapundit, too)?  Recruiters were run off campus and the university did nothing about it (a lot of damage was done, people injured, etc).  This was nothing more than students getting out of control over a military presence on campus and campus officials allowing it to happen.

So, appropriately, I posted the reply from the USAF...

Sent by a USAF Major.  JDAM Graffiti.

And today, I get a lovely email from Charles who demonstrates his lack of education, class, understanding of common principles of our government, and basic decency. Jimbo thought I should post it and then send Charles the link:

Black Five,

I was not happy when I did a google image search and this link was in the first page of results. http://www.blackfive.net/photos/uncategorized/ucsc.jpg I am UC Santa Cruz Alumni and am the grandson of a [foul language]ing air force colonel. You mother[foul language]ers take this goddamn [foul language]ing bull[foul language] of your mother[foul language]ing website. You [foul language]ing braindead fools would not have a goddam [foul language]ing government or a [foul language]ing state of the union speech with out my [foul language]ing school. You goddam traitors! Burn in [foul language]ing hell you mother[foul language]ing traitor to my [foul language]ing nation you [foul language]ing scumbag. Any of your pals that feel the same as way as this image on your website will be guilty of [foul language]ing treason. We are the only [foul language]ing nuclear weapons design team left, and the remaining free intel in this country. You [foul language]ing backstabbed the wrong school, and so did these Air Force fools. I am contacting elected officials, and the air force for an official appology to the nations second highest ranked public school after Berkeley, and their alumni. You scumbag traitors, you should not hide under my flag. MY US FLAG IS STILL FREE AND YOURS NEVER WILL BE! You should be ashamed for running this immage, and your air force friends I will do my best to centure or court martial, because I can.


PS: You make any goddam threats towards me and I'll call the [foul language]ing FBI, you havent heard the last of me yet you mother[foul language]ers. TRAITOR!

The response from Blackfive:

    Dear Charles-

    We here at Blackfive do not advocate violence of any kind. We are even against violence directed at individuals like yourself with certainly no understanding of the many uses of the words "[foul language]", "[foul language]ing", "[foul language]er" or even "[foul language]ed".  Obviously, you have never served in the US military.

    I am sure, certain even, that the officials at the USAF are going to be very forthcoming with your request - especially, if you maintain the [foul language]ing professional [foul language]ing manner of your [foul language]ing correspondence.

    Have a Merry [foul language]ing Christmas and [foul language]ing Happy New Year.


    The [foul language]ing Management

    PS:  While I realize that you were not an English Major, you might consider going back and taking a course at UCSC - maybe Comp101?  And for pete's sake, learn how to use spellcheck.

Charles L. can be reached at [removed - I think he's got enough email now]

Christmas In Iraq: SitRep 2

Packing Underway? Check
Gear Purchased? Check
ITO? In Process
Belly Like A Bowl Full of Jelly? Check (darn it)

Right now, only paperwork or flight cancellations can delay things. When I am leaving is now up to the fates, and I am very much looking forward to being back in Iraq.

I can't say thank you enough to H. L. DeVore and Prudent Publishing, which is the parent company of GalleryCollection.com for his generosity and ongoing help and interest. Thanks to him, this is a go and we are trying an experiment (or three) this time courtesy of him and Prudent Publishing. Check them out, and if you filled out one of the cards for the troops, consider sending them a thank you for all they are doing. Soldier's Angels continues to open doors and provide support. I can't say enough good about them, and will say thatanyone who doesn't rate them highly is full of it. There is no better group of dedicated volunteers out there, and I am proud to work with them and to help represent them in my travels. Courtesy of co-blogger Mr. Wolf, Gryphon Air is getting me into and out of Baghdad. I also want to thank each of you who has made a donation to Soldier's Angels and/or myself. As I said before:

...go make a donation to Soldier's Angels.; or, Adopt a Soldier; or, if you have some time (even just a little bit) volunteer.

There is more to come. Some very good things, methinks. Yes, we here at Blackfive are up to something...


Blackfive TV- Christmas thanks to the troops

I've been overseas for Christmas before, although thankfully not in a war zone. We have quite a few of our troops in harm's way this holiday season and we wanted to let them know how much that means to us. So we asked some of our fellow bloggers to film a message thanking everyone who makes it possible for us to sit safe by the fire. God Bless everyone serving America anywhere.

Many Thanks to the folks who helped with this. Feel free to embed this if you have a blog.

WOW! I just got a video response to this vid at YouTube and it is so cool you must go watch it. It's a montage of our fighting forces from the Revolution to Ramadi set to one of my favorite songs.

All men are created equal

USAF Staff Sgt. Eric Eberhard - Someone You Should Know

Air Force Staff Sgt. Eric Eberhard, a Salt Lake City native deployed from the 419th Civil Engineer Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, kneels in front of a Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle, Dec. 17. Eberhard's quick reactions allowed him to save the life of the leader of his three-person Explosive Ordnance Disposal team after an improvised-explosive device detonated near them, Dec. 7.  His story is below.  Date Taken: December 20th, 2007.  Location: FOB Gardez, AF.  Photographer: Capt. Michael Meridith, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing.

There are a lot of different definitions of what a hero is...someone who goes into harm's way, someone who saves a friend's life, someone who volunteers for a combat tour to let another soldier stay home with his family, any EOD personnel...

All of those apply to USAF Staff Sergeant Eric Eberhard:

A Life Saved...Unexpectedly
By Air Force Capt. Michael Meridith
455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs
FORWARD OPERATING BASE GARDEZ, Afghanistan – As he sat eating breakfast, Air Force Staff Sgt. Eric Eberhard had no idea that he was just hours away from a struggle to save the life of the Airman sitting next to him.
It was Dec. 7 and the Salt Lake City, Utah, native and former Marine were enjoying a brief pause before another demanding day as a member of a three-person explosive ordnance disposal team based in Afghanistan.
“We were out with a route-clearance team for a medical engagement and had spent the night at a local village,” Eberhard said. “We ate breakfast and were waiting for the medical engagement to end so we could do the route clearance back.”
Although they were not scheduled to leave the village until later that day, they were surprised by word that an improvised explosive device had been spotted a short distance away by Afghan national police.
“We got to the scene and talked to the policeman who found it – he had been on patrol and saw something suspicious in a culvert under a bridge and reported it. The bystanders were being kept at a distance so we dressed out our team leader in a bomb suit and he went down into the culvert,” he said.
While their team leader examined the IED, Eberhard and his fellow teammate kept a constant watch from their armored Joint Explosive Ordnace Disposal Rapid Response Vehicle, or JERRV.
“I was sitting in the front seat when I saw the blast. I still see that flash in my mind,” said Eberhard.
Moments after the IED exploded, he leapt from the vehicle and raced to the scene, waving medics forward to follow him...


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