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Nancy & the Nutroots feeling the Victory Blues

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“The nutroots are justifiably disappointed, and I am too, that we could not do something to end this war, and by end I mean lose and blame it on Bush. The assumption that I made, that the Republicans would soon see the light and listen to their constituents, was not an accurate one.”

“They like this war, the bloodthirsty savages. They want this war to continue so they can make their obscene profits capitalizing on the suffering of innocents…” (Press Conference, 12/13/07) Italicized comments Uncle J's work

Pelosinancy She is really a piece of work eh? I mean I'm just trying to wrap my tired little melon around her sad belief that you can just end a war, you can't.You either lose it or win it. We know what she and the nutroots want and all their efforts this year have led to a sad Christmas where victory looms menacingly on the horizon. Heck Fitzmas fizzled last year and they get a Warry Christmas this year. They are gonna get a complex.

Actually that just upped my holiday spirit thinking about sad progressives huddled around their organic, free range, holiday celebration statuette hand-crafted in the Amazon by a blind crocodile, and bemoaning another year where the mongers triumphed over the will of the people. "How could they not follow our tremendous examples of moral superiority?"

VI Day July 5th, 2008 join us for the Victory Parade.

Hot Air's BP wonders if she is up to the task and reaches an unstunning conclusion.