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Hating Bush costs 25 IQ points

I have read what is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever published in The Capital Times, and that is saying something given the long line of moonbats they have filled their pages with. This was a combined effort of their entire editorial staff that they thought the public really needed to know. I am dumbstruck, literally.

Reality, not spin, on Iraq

An editorial  —  12/04/2007 11:12 am

President Bush and his supporters say that the surge of U.S. troops into the quagmire that is Iraq has worked -- that the country is being stabilized and that the occupation has turned some sort of corner.

So do Iraqis and John "Lummox" Murtha, but what do they know. Note they are sticking with the quagmire narrative. What we really need is for Wisconsin's progressive newspaper to publish the results of a survey done by a left wing group of one of the most liberal professions, yeah that will get you an honest unbiased look.

But a new Pew Research Center survey of U.S. journalists covering the war reveals that almost 90 percent of them say that Baghdad is still too dangerous to visit.

Shocked, aren't you? Don't read Michael Totten's posts about the complete turnaround in Fallujah because Baghdad is a quagmire.

That is the reality on the ground. And it is the reality against which policymakers in the U.S. should weigh their decisions about the continued U.S. occupation of that distant land.

They just can't fathom any reality that doesn't include W's defeat in Iraq. There can be no progress and certainly no victory and no precipitous drop in violence is going to change that.

To simply listen to the Bush administration's spin now would be as foolish as it was to take seriously that "Mission Accomplished" banner in front of which George Bush posed in flight suit drag four long years ago.

Flight suit drag? Help me out with this one folks, I can't tell if they are being homophobic, or transvestophobic, or bashing the military. They need to watch out or I will sic Eddie Izzard on them.That is one un PC phrase and thoughtful, good-hearted, progressives never allow the visceral hatred they have for Bush & Cheney to cloud their judgment or cloud their sunny dispositions. They hate Bush like I hate child molesters, that's scary.