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[foul language]ing moron shows Blackfive some Holiday Spirit

Got a gem of a hatemail today...

Remember this story about UC Santa Cruz from April in 2006 (more at Instapundit, too)?  Recruiters were run off campus and the university did nothing about it (a lot of damage was done, people injured, etc).  This was nothing more than students getting out of control over a military presence on campus and campus officials allowing it to happen.

So, appropriately, I posted the reply from the USAF...

Sent by a USAF Major.  JDAM Graffiti.

And today, I get a lovely email from Charles who demonstrates his lack of education, class, understanding of common principles of our government, and basic decency. Jimbo thought I should post it and then send Charles the link:

Black Five,

I was not happy when I did a google image search and this link was in the first page of results. I am UC Santa Cruz Alumni and am the grandson of a [foul language]ing air force colonel. You mother[foul language]ers take this goddamn [foul language]ing bull[foul language] of your mother[foul language]ing website. You [foul language]ing braindead fools would not have a goddam [foul language]ing government or a [foul language]ing state of the union speech with out my [foul language]ing school. You goddam traitors! Burn in [foul language]ing hell you mother[foul language]ing traitor to my [foul language]ing nation you [foul language]ing scumbag. Any of your pals that feel the same as way as this image on your website will be guilty of [foul language]ing treason. We are the only [foul language]ing nuclear weapons design team left, and the remaining free intel in this country. You [foul language]ing backstabbed the wrong school, and so did these Air Force fools. I am contacting elected officials, and the air force for an official appology to the nations second highest ranked public school after Berkeley, and their alumni. You scumbag traitors, you should not hide under my flag. MY US FLAG IS STILL FREE AND YOURS NEVER WILL BE! You should be ashamed for running this immage, and your air force friends I will do my best to centure or court martial, because I can.


PS: You make any goddam threats towards me and I'll call the [foul language]ing FBI, you havent heard the last of me yet you mother[foul language]ers. TRAITOR!

The response from Blackfive:

    Dear Charles-

    We here at Blackfive do not advocate violence of any kind. We are even against violence directed at individuals like yourself with certainly no understanding of the many uses of the words "[foul language]", "[foul language]ing", "[foul language]er" or even "[foul language]ed".  Obviously, you have never served in the US military.

    I am sure, certain even, that the officials at the USAF are going to be very forthcoming with your request - especially, if you maintain the [foul language]ing professional [foul language]ing manner of your [foul language]ing correspondence.

    Have a Merry [foul language]ing Christmas and [foul language]ing Happy New Year.


    The [foul language]ing Management

    PS:  While I realize that you were not an English Major, you might consider going back and taking a course at UCSC - maybe Comp101?  And for pete's sake, learn how to use spellcheck.

Charles L. can be reached at [removed - I think he's got enough email now]