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I hate to be crass, but this woman is magnificent and I think MKH may have serious competition.

Assam described how the gunman, Matthew Murray, entered the east entrance of the church firing his gun."There was chaos," Assam said, as parishioners ran away."I saw him coming through the doors" and took cover, Assam said. "I came out of cover and identified myself and engaged him and took him down....

Boyd said Assam was the one who suggested the church beef up its security Sunday following the Arvada shooting, which it did. The pastor credited the security plan and the extra security for preventing further bloodshed."

ChurchshootershooterYou took an awful situation where two sisters were killed in a church parking lot and made sure it didn't get any worse and thank you for that ma'am. There were over 7,000 people at this mega church at the time. Of course a church should obviously be a gun-free zone and I hope they will re-evaluate their policy. But in this case it seems to have worked out about as well as it could have. A tortured soul now knows whether Hell exists, or not, and he was stopped before he fired the 1,000 rounds he was carrying. You even have to wonder if he was trying to get killed, because he shot at her.

Thanks again from a fellow sheepdog,a wolf is dead and the flock may offer their own thanks for their safety and that metaphor could hardly be more apt.

From the Denver Post

Larry Bourbonnais, a combat-tested Vietnam veteran, said it was the bravest thing he’s ever seen.

Bourbonnais, who was among those shot by a gunman Sunday at New Life Church, watched as a security guard, a woman later identified as Jeanne Assam, calmly returned fire and killed the shooter.

“She just started walking toward the gunman firing the whole way,” said Bourbonnais, who was shot in the arm. “She was just yelling ‘Surrender,’ walking and shooting the whole time.”