Peaceful Iranians test long range missile
The Gratitude Campaign

Christmas In Iraq: SitRep 1

Paperwork filed? Check
Airline tickets purchased? Check
Safety Items purchased? Check
Misc. Gear ordered? Check, though ongoing
Insurance purchased? Check
Cigars? Hopefully not broken

I'm working with two very good PAO's on this, and am very much looking forward to spending time with the troops. There are some wonderful plans in progress, that's all I can say.

I want to thank once again H. L. DeVore of Prudent Publishing, which is the parent company of for his generosity and ongoing help and interest. Soldier's Angels continues to open doors and provide support. Courtesy of co-blogger Mr. Wolf, Gryphon Air is getting me into and out of Baghdad. I also want to thank each of you who has made a donation to Soldier's Angels and/or myself. As I said before:

...go make a donation to Soldier's Angels.; or, Adopt a Soldier; or, if you have some time (even just a little bit) volunteer. Or, if you want to help with things other than travel and insurance, you can go to my site and hit the PayPal button. The have-to-do's are covered, but there are always nice-to-do's.

There is more to come, so please stand by...