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Blackfive TV- FM 3.0 Doctrine for Dummies

UPDATE: I was wrong about The Donovan authoring the new FM 3.0 Doctrine for Dummies. It was written by as yet unidentified funny guys at the School for Advanced Military Studies. If anyone can locate them I would love to credit them.  It brilliantly illuminated the challenges of modern combat, but I was challenged by it's "War and Peace" length at 5 pages and it's complete lack of any pictures or video. So I trimmed it a bit and added the needed media. I humbly ask the author's indulgence.


The full transcript outlining my proposed revision of FM 3.0 for video format is after the jump.

1.  The world is full of bad people.

When they step too far over the line we have to whack them. We have all kinds of amazing precision strike weapons that we use to try and whack only the bad guys from afar, but in the end it is grunts marching to the sound of gunfire. This is called "Payback's a Medevac".

2. Whacking bad people is dangerous.

It is much safer to do so from far away with the high tech wizardry that allows a kid sitting under a mountain in Wyoming to send a Hellfire missile through the sunroof of a terrorist's car in Afghanistan. Sometimes a bomb says all that needs to be said, but most of the time we need to have the Army and Marines check through the rubble to make sure it can't make trouble. Then the civilians are supposed to come in and apologize for the mess and help them get cleaned and democracied up. This is called "Unified Action".

3. It's tough to tell the bad people from the good people.

Most of the time the bad people look like, talk like and dress like the good people. When the good people tell us who the bad people are we can use all our cool kinetic weapons. But we have to convince the good people that we are stronger than the bad people . This is most effectively done by whacking large numbers of bad people creating the positive statistic of dead tangos. The number of dead tangos is directly proportional to the safety of the good people.  This is called "Full Spectrum Operations".

4. Combat Power works better if you cooperate.

Inter-service rivalries are a time-honored tradition, but they are not very useful for whacking bad people. While it is important that Army continue to kidnap Goats from the Navy, when we leave the gridiron for the field of battle we all need to just get along. It doesn't really matter how the bad guy gets whacked, a bullet from a rifle, an artillery round, or a Navy or Air Force bomb from above, just that he gets whacked. So Army Dawgs,  Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, the aircraft carrier folks and the Zoomies too we all whack more bad guys when we work together. "This is called Combined Arms".

5. It's very hard to know what's happening on the battlefield.

SNAFU is the status quo in war, but we are trying to do a better job of knowing where our guys and the good guys are and where the bad guys are. Be advised that this will never be perfect, and most of the time if you have bullets and are fed and watered and occasionally catch a few ZZZZZs that is good enough. If you are ever asked about this by a reporter, tell them to go pound sand. This is called "Battle Command"

6. Generals are Soldiers too.

They just sleep less, but look better. This is due to the aides they have who groom them and pre-chew their food. No matter how much you enjoyed the movie Patton, you don't ever want to be a General. They are forced to deal with politicians and other civilians , while at the same time they must figure out  the best way to whack the bad guys. Generals must take this witches brew and turn it into a cunning plan.  This is called the "Operational Arts"

7. Information Operations is hard.

The bad guys don't play by the rules and they rugs. They take advantage of any mistake on our part that hurts civilians and even make up stuff that didn't happen. We have to figure out what really happens in battle and then make sure the truth gets told. This is much harder when the media is doing all it can to only show the bad things. We are building all kinds of fancy computers that tell us where we are and what is going on, but you know tech support is always sketchy. This means that the best info comes from eyes on the ground and if the technology works....great. This is called "Knowledge Management".