USAF Staff Sgt. Eric Eberhard - Someone You Should Know
Christmas In Iraq: SitRep 2

Blackfive TV- Christmas thanks to the troops

I've been overseas for Christmas before, although thankfully not in a war zone. We have quite a few of our troops in harm's way this holiday season and we wanted to let them know how much that means to us. So we asked some of our fellow bloggers to film a message thanking everyone who makes it possible for us to sit safe by the fire. God Bless everyone serving America anywhere.

Many Thanks to the folks who helped with this. Feel free to embed this if you have a blog.

WOW! I just got a video response to this vid at YouTube and it is so cool you must go watch it. It's a montage of our fighting forces from the Revolution to Ramadi set to one of my favorite songs.

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