A True Gift Of The Season
USS Truman on Station

Blackfive TV- CPT Travis Patriquin, a tribute

Last December Travis Patriquin died along with two others in an IED blast. This December he would not even recognize the al Anbar Province he was helping to transform. He became famous for his Powerpoint on "How to win in Anbar" and helped in ways far above his pay grade to push the change to a Counter-Insurgency (COIN) strategy. It is too bad he is not here to see what has become of his stick figures, but we are. So thanks CPT P, from all of us.


Michelle has a great post rounding up the year "The Surge, the Military & the Media" that features CPT P prominently, also MKH made a brilliantly crafted version of the presentation here.

This seems an appropriate way to continue his legacy. (h/t Gateway)

Shiite tribal leaders attend Christmas mass at an Assyrian orthodox church in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2007. The church, which is located next to a Shiite mosque, hosted their neighbors for Christmas mass as a gesture of friendship.

(AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)