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AQ in Iraq- On Foam and Scum

Seriously, that is al Baghdadi's latest missive to the faithful few still fighting the infidels in Mesopotamia. Roggio discusses this and the death of a notable tango at the Long War Journal.

This speech, titled, “As for the Foam it Passes Away as Scum”, is the first message from Baghdadi after Osama bin Laden’s acknowledgement of mistakes made by Al Qaeda in Iraq, of which ISI [Islamic State of Iraq] is its current iteration. Baghdadi, too, recognizes these mistakes, and conveys that the Prophet Muhammad and his companions were not infallible, but the tribal leaders and Awakening Council members who combat the Mujahideen today do not have a stronger faith than they. In highlights of the speech, Baghdadi announces the formation of a new brigade, “Al Siddiq Brigades” to fight every “apostate and traitor”, and additionally announces an attack that will end on ... January 29, 2008. ... This attack involves bombings aimed at the “apostates” and members of Awakening Councils."

Jan. 29, 2008? I wonder what President Clinton will do? heh. Update. Dam I'm Dum. Maybe W will do something.