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America Supports You & AnySoldier

Yeah, Right You Support The Troops. Pull the Other One

I really started to put this under "Bust Their Chops"mainly because that is what I think should happen to the brain-dead over-bred toe-sucking cretin(s) who are responsible for this. Quite frankly, Taxachusettes used to know how to deal with officials and other idiots like this, but today I think most so-called civil servants and elected officials are wearing the chicken feathers naturally, and have the brains to match, though I may just have insulted chickens everywhere.

Let me put this very simply, and slowly even, for the intellectually-impaired and pseudo-intellectual folk like the defective who complained and the even greater defective(s) who ordered the boxes removed:

Supporting the troops who really do keep bad guys from hurting your worthless behinds and pay blood price so you can freely show your ignorance and shortcomings to the world (and basic lack of commitment to free speech) does NOT equal supporting the war. They are, in fact, two separate things and only a mind operating in non-Euclidean space rather than reality could possibly find an intersection between the two. Since it is obvious that you failed basic logic (and probably most science courses as well I bet), they are exclusive of one another.

The Boy Scouts in this case should get not only an apology (the effort having been approved twice by the appropriate commission), but I further feel that Marsha Weinerman should personally, repeat, personally, repay the Scouts the roughly $1,500.00 they spent on the effort to support the troops. Never happen, just following orders I'm sure, but I can dream.

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Also, Lex offers a way to support the Scouts.

who questions not only their basic understanding of the law and Constitution, but their patriotism and their ability to successfully pick their own noses...