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Surprise Taliban Asshats!

The U.S. is shipping laser guided 120mm mortar rounds to Iraq and Afghanistan.  The XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition has been in development for twelve years, and was almost canceled at least once because of the delays. The 38 pound XM395 round has a range of seven kilometers, and will land within three feet of where the laser is pointed.

The picture above is of me, firing a charge 4 Illumination round from the 120mm Mortar system I signed for from some of the fellas from an ODA in Gardez.  I figured that since they weren't using it, I would put it to use on my fire-base.  I mean, it can't be that hard to shoot right?

Well, good thing they gave me that range book.  And it was also good that I studied mortar use and theory in training.  I put that knowledge to use in Afghanistan.  It was good to get a mortar team finally, right before I left. 

For those that remember the old four deuce mortar, this is it's replacement.  It works marvelously and is already accurate enough to hit a car at 7000 meters with that really cool computer.

The XM395 completed its testing over the Summer, and will begin arriving in Iraq and Afghanistan early next year.

Thanks Secretary Rumsfeld for not canceling this project on the eve of it being a success.

Quenching our enemy's thirst for vengeance with an inexhaustible rain of fire.....