Opsrey Over Anbar

Thank You


Life is an interesting state of being, sometimes far too much in terms of the ancient curse. Yet, I find it interesting to note those who use such to focus on the negative in the world and life, versus those who use it to focus on the positive. Life has been interesting this year, but thankfully it is possible to look on that bright side with even greater appreciation, and a good part of that comes from you.

Today on Thanksgiving, part of that for which I give thanks includes:

1. Having Blackfive ask me to be a part of a wonderful thing done by a group of outstanding individuals. This is easy company to be in, and it is an honor to work with them.

2. The readers: YOU -- all of you who make a positive contribution here. You make this site so much more by engaging in honest discussion and rational discourse, providing additional insight and perspectives, and making it more. Yes, we do have trolls and similar infestations, but those are minor and, again, you make up for that in so many levels. You have helped send myself and another out on embed, and I will be honest enough to say I hope you will do so again. You have helped raise funds for Valour-IT, Soldier's Angels, and a variety of worthy causes. You talk with others, you share, and you do -- even those of you who never say a word here.

3. Living in a country where we have far more freedom than most will ever be able to fully appreciate. Is my Country perfect? No. It is not, and it is not all I think it can be or should be. Therein lies the beauty of what we have here: we can change it, and should always strive to change it for the better. My Country right or wrong: When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be made right. Do that which is right, and here at Blackfive (a separate front as it were) we can be a part of fighting that good fight.

4. Living in a Country where we have a military that is great, both in power and in people.

5. The Soldiers of Team Easy and the Marines of the 1st of the 4th who welcomed me, got to know me, and let me go along for part of it; for Maj. Luedeke and Capt. Armistead for their efforts and welcome; and, for Capt. Signore and his team who made it happen.

There is more, much more, for which I will give thanks this day. Take the time, think and give thanks, and know that I thank you all for making my life richer, fuller, and more interesting in all the good ways.